Men at work

Men at work

Amsterdam is a bustling city that relies heavenly on its tram system to move people around.  Now and again the lines need maintenance/changing.

I was lucky enough to be invited by Fred Rietvink, who manages these kind of challenging projects, to see the demolition of some tram tracks. After the last tram passed, the power lines over the street were switched off. After that a gas cutter was used to separate the parts that should stay and the parts that should be replaced. A large cutting device cut the rails in small pieces. A robot rhino was then used to lift the rail and pull it out of its bolts. Finally the old rails where loaded on to a waiting truck. It needed to be done by a well oiled team because a week later everything needed to be ‘back on track’.

Thanks Fred for the invitation.

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Before the ordeal


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Ireland december 2018

Ireland December 2018 / January 2019

Also last december Jacqui and myself went to Ireland for the Christmas break to enjoy the company of family and friends. As every stay in Waterford I try to get out with my camera to catch some of the great seascapes in this region.

Some of the beaches I wanted to explore was Benvoy beach. Unfortunately throughout the break, the weather was mild but also a bit dull. Grey skies, no stunning sunrises during the mornings I went there. But still it is great to wander along the Copper coast, with its beautiful coves and beaches.

I visited Benvoy beach 2 mornings, both of the morning the tide was out. Next time I hope to plan my visit when the tide is in so that the stacks are in the water. During my visits on Benvoy beach, I already found my positions for when the sun rises and the tide is in. I only have to be there haha.

All pictures have the ratio 16×9, a very nice format for landscapes I think.

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Healing Waddenzee

Last October I went together with the Schoorl group on our annual trip. This time the destination was the north of the Netherlands, an area the group visited 3 years ago. Due to my holiday, I couldn’t make it then.

This trip was not all about photography, it was also coming to terms of the passing of our dear friend and member Ed Geerlings. The group needed this time to reflect on what had happened and to share the sorrow and grieve as a group.

After the trip we could definitely conclude: Ed was with us all the time. While we were out with our cameras, there were rainbows, stunning skies and beautiful light. He will always be part of our group.

Thanks Petra van Went, Niels Barto, Frederik van der Veer, Stephan Ihrman, Arjan Keers and Jan Teeuwen. You are the best !!

This series is dedicated to Ed Geerlings. Rest in peace my friend.



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August scapes

A small selection of pictures taken in August 2018.

There are three parts: 1) some pictures of the river IJssel 2) A late afternoon at the Posbank 3) An early morning on the Ginkelse heide near Ede.

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River IJssel

Due to the drought this summer, the water level has fallen to a point that it is impossible for fully loaded ships to navigate on it. Personally I never saw it that low.


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IJsselfeest Dieren

In my hometown of Dieren, every year the IJsselfeest is organised. It is a two-evening event, where local DJ’s are invited to keep the crowd busy on the first night and live music on the second night.  It is situated along the river IJssel, hence the name of the event.

For this year’s IJsselfeest, I was asked to make some pictures to capture the atmosphere. I made a lot of portraits of happy people enjoying themselves. I didn’t have to ask, they were just chasing me to get their portrait taken. All portrait pictures you can find in the two albums on the Facebook page of the IJsselfeest.

In this blog I would like to share some of the pictures where I tried to catch the atmosphere of the crowd and the band STOOT!. Concert photography is a real challenge I find due the constant changing light conditions, get good sharp pictures and keeping the noise down.

It was a really good experience, specially doing the band pictures.

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