Last September, Jacqui and myself stayed in the town of Monchique between the hills of the Algarve Portugal. A great location with stunning views of the coastline in the south. In the evening, while having a delicious dinner, you could see the flickering lights of  Portimão and Lagos in the distance.

Like most inland towns in Portugal, Monchique still has lots of character.

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Looking over the town, there is an old convent, Convento Nossa Senhora De Desterro. When I entered the ruin I met a very friendly man. He could only speak Portugese and showed me around.

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The convent was only in use between 1631 and 1755. You could see that time took its toll and that the roof could collapse any minute. The man lives there with his livestock. He was proud to show his living room.

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A couple of times I went up Foia in the early morning, the highest hill of the Algarve. With its 902 meters, you can see the whole of the Algarve. sometimes when it is very clear, you can see Lisbon from here.

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One of my goals was to make a picture of the low moving clouds. For that, the night needed to be relatively cold. One morning I was lucky to see this.

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Just popping through the clouds you can see the watchtower of Picota. Unfortunately the clouds where rising fast and within minutes I was in the clouds myself.

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After going to a different location, I still could see how the clouds moved over the landscape.

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To visit the coast from Monchique, you can go south to Portimão and Alvor where you find the typical red rocks along the coast.

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The coast in the west nearby Aljazur, is more rough, the cliffs are higher and there are bigger waves.

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From Monchique, it is a short drive to Silves. This town is the former capital of the Algarve and is of great historical importance. There are a lot of influences from the occupation of the Moors, after they invaded Iberia. The town is full of beautiful (and deserted) buildings.

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In the town you van find also a indoor market, where you can buy vegetables and fish.

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There was a big fire in the Monchique area last August. There was no drop of rain since last April. The combination of heavy wind and the drought was lethal. The destruction of this beautiful landscape is a very sad to see.

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A combination of this landscape and the beautiful colors of sunrise, brings a big contrast in the picture.

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On the other side of the hill, the lifting clouds created stunning formations.

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We had a great stay in Monchique, beautiful weather, stunning food, lovely people and amazing landscape.

On the last day, this woman had no problem to pose while doing the washing.

What a hospitable country !!!!!

Thank you Billy !!

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