Snow for Valentine

After opening the curtains on Valentine’s day, I was very surprised to see the white world outside. It finally became winter.

In this blog the results of a early morning on the Posbank with a cloudy sky and a morning with a clear sky on the Rozendaalse veld, just a little bit further than the Posbank.

I hope you enjoy my first snow pictures of this year.

Click on the picture to enlarge !!

On the Posbank:

PB 160215 082134



PB 160215 083107



PB 160215 083430



PB 160215 083722



PB 160215 084216



On The Rozendaalse veld

PB 160217 073412



PB 160217 074322



PB 160217 075034



PB 160217 075932



PB 160217 081543