Copper coast in mono

During the last week of March this year,  I visited Waterford Ireland. Obviously I hoped for some great photo opportunities to test my new Nikon D750 along the Copper coast. Unfortunately the weather was far from great, it rained continuously for 3 days. But I managed to get some pictures of this magnificent coastline and together with my Irish friend Owen O’Grady, I went to the oyster beds on Helvick, just outside the coast of Dungarvan. Thanks Owen for bringing me there!!

As I just joined a workgroup ‘black and white’, so I decided to turn the pictures in mono. Hope you like them.

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PB 170401 132354



PB 170328 071027-2



PB 170328 074705



PB 170331 140320



PB 170331 144810



PB 170331 150101



PB 170331 152619



PB 170331 161315



PB 170331 170042



PB 170331 170203



PB 170401 124817



PB 170401 140437



PB 170401 152642



PB 170401 153902