The Posbank clique

The area of the Posbank is a favourite spot for landscape photographers. Especially in August when the heath is blooming. You can find pictures of this area in a lot of posts on this website.

After failing to get up early on Tuesday, the alarm clock was set for 04:30 for the Wednesday morning. The weather predictions were looking very good, a forecast of fog in the morning. I met my friends and fellow photographers Sander Grefte and Dave Zuuring just outside the area and walked the last stretch. The forecast was spot-on, all ingredients for a magical morning where there.

Our first stop was the iconic dead tree situated on a hill.

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PB 170816 042709

PB 170816 043914

Even the moon did join us.

PB 170816 044358

When we arrived at our destination, on the top of a hill, facing the east, we already noticed some other photographers waiting for the sun to rise.

Actually it is forbidden to enter the area between sunset and sunrise, that’s why we parked our cars outside the Posbank and walked the last bit. Soon we heard that people who entered the area with their cars, were fined. On some mornings your gut feeling tells you not to enter the park with your car, the police might had a look at the weather forecast also.

But we could install ourselves without any problems and waited for the sunrise.

PB 170816 045838

PB 170816 050628

PB 170816 050941

The word was out that the police was waiting on the Posbank, so a lot of fellow photographers waited till 06:23 at the entrance of the the area, the time the sun would rise. After parking their car they hurried to a nice spot to witness the rest of the sunrise.

Within a couple of minutes it became crowded, a real clique of photographers. Normally I wouldn’t like this at all, but you meet people that you (only) know from Facebook and other social media and it is nice to shake hands and have a chat.


PB 170816 060407

PB 170816 053410

PB 170816 055152

PB 170816 055452

PB 170816 061432

On our way back to the car, the sun was treating us with some great scenery in the woods and maybe that was even more spectaculair than the Posbank.

PB 170816 065110

PB 170816 065524

PB 170816 065436

PB 170816 065631

Thanks a million Sander Grefte and Dave Zuuring for a great early morning and also all the fellow photographers on the Posbank that morning, the ones who I met and didn’t meet.