Ireland december 2018

Ireland December 2018 / January 2019

Also last december Jacqui and myself went to Ireland for the Christmas break to enjoy the company of family and friends. As every stay in Waterford I try to get out with my camera to catch some of the great seascapes in this region.

Some of the beaches I wanted to explore was Benvoy beach. Unfortunately throughout the break, the weather was mild but also a bit dull. Grey skies, no stunning sunrises during the mornings I went there. But still it is great to wander along the Copper coast, with its beautiful coves and beaches.

I visited Benvoy beach 2 mornings, both of the morning the tide was out. Next time I hope to plan my visit when the tide is in so that the stacks are in the water. During my visits on Benvoy beach, I already found my positions for when the sun rises and the tide is in. I only have to be there haha.

All pictures have the ratio 16×9, a very nice format for landscapes I think.

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Between all these meals we had to get out and do some walking and get some fresh air. During those trips I took the next pictures

Woodstown beach




Dunmore East in the mist




Dunmore harbour.




A tradition every time I go to Ireland is to meet my great friend Owen O’Grady (and to present him some Dutch cheese) This time we went for the afternoon to Wexford, started in Fethard-on-sea and finished at Hook Head with the oldest working lighthouse of the world.


Harbour of Fethard-on-sea




Looking back to Fethard-on-sea.




The Salty islands (on my bucket list !!)







Hook head




The low tide in the morning gave me the opportunity to go to Woodstown beach and walk to the oyster beds. Because of the mix of fresh water from the rivers and salty water of the sea, oyster flourish here. While I was there the sun rays just penetrated through the heavy clouds, resulting in a big bonus.

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