Inspiring Posbank

As you were able to see in posts of the past, a place I really adore is the Posbank. It is an inspiring place all year long, especially in August, when the heather is blooming. Photographers, walkers and cyclers come from all angles to witness its beauty. It is just great to have this on my doorstep.

By Sander


It is also a place where photographers meet and share their ideas and knowledge or just enjoy each other company. Then you could end up on one of their pictures, like the one above with myself taken by my friend Sander Grefte.

Last couple of weeks was rush hour, especially on the Zypenberg, where you have a great view of the rising sun behind the heath covered hills. Everyone is hoping for the magic when the first rays are hitting the morning fog between the hills. But unfortunately due a combination of early blooming and warm nights there was no build up of fog. It didn’t stop photographers to line up before sunrise, even with the possibility to get fined. It is forbidden to access the area between sunset and sunrise.

PB 160819 063356

PB 160819 063836

PB 160819 070318

PB 160819 070658

As this is the Netherlands, it is normally hit and miss for getting the best circumstances. That is the nice aspect of landscape photography, you can never predict the light. That is a great challenge. I always make some pictures when I’m there, even when the light is not ideal.

PB 160901 070429

PB 160901 071723

But one morning, when you least expect it, you find magic. You forget the mornings that you were a bit disappointed, that one morning makes it all worthwhile. On that particular morning I met my friend Dave Zuuring and we where both thrilled to bits to witness this spectacular display of colors.

PB 160902 063441

PB 160902 064658

PB 160902 065944

PB 160902 074327

PB 160902 070259

It is not only photographers on the Posbank that inspire me. There is a lady called Anne, who walks the hills during sunrise. Every photographer who visits the region regularly knows her. When I meet her, we always have a chat. During the rush season she gives out about the number of photographers while tripping over tripods. It disturbs here connection with nature. She is a very positive, spiritual and inspiring lady who always makes me smile. It was just great that she was willing to pose with Dave and myself. Her patience was tested because my 2 sets of batteries and the set of Dave where dead, needed for my flashgun. But my built-in flash finally did it’s job. Next appointment with her as a model, in the winter on the snow covered hills. I’ll let you know!!

PB 160902 081044

Thanks for reading and as always, click on the picture to maximize it. Hope you liked them.

Best regards.