Deep purple

To make some pictures of the purple heather in combination with the rising sun, I went to the Posbank this morning. No morning fog where I was hoping for, but still a beautiful morning. Although not visible,  I was not the only one there this morning. From all over the country photographers came to witness this sunrise. The runner in the sixth picture asked me where the bus was parked.

Addition: ‘Clouds over the Posbank’ taken on the 24th of August

Addition: ‘After the purple rush’ taken on the 2nd of September

Addition: ‘The last morning’ taken on the 4th of September

PB 150821 063231-2



PB 150821 063722-2



PB 150821 064523-2



PB 150821 064801-2



PB 150821 065653-2



PB 150821 071005



PB 150821 071402-2



PB 150821 072446-2



PB 150821 072559



PB 150821 073207-2



PB 150821 073428


****  Clouds over the Posbank  ****

Posbank on a rainy day, a complete different atmosphere.

PB 150824 074801



PB 150824 071039



PB 150824 072528



PB 150824 072033



PB 150824 070841-2


*** After the purple rush ***

This series was taken in the early morning of de 2nd of September. Still some photographers around, but not that busy anymore like the last weeks.

This time a clear sky with some fog in the valley of the Posbank.

PB 150902 065429



PB 150902 071749



PB 150902 072143



PB 150902 072704



PB 150902 073230


*** The last morning ***

For a very short moment at sunrise, the sun had a peek through the clouds.


PB 150904 070322


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