Coast of Zeeland

During my work in the provence of Zeeland, unfortunately the possibilities to explore with the camera where very limited.

Last Saturday I finally had to opportunity to make some pictures of the North sea waves, broken by the line of poles on the beach.

Please find below some images, the majority taken with a 6-step ND filter to emphasize the movement in the waves.

By selecting the picture, you can enlarge it. Thank you for watching.

Addition: Pictures of 11th of April

Addition: Pictures of 7th of June

PB 160319 140152



PB 160319 135906



PB 160319 142053


11th of April

PB 160411 204932



PB 160411 201814



PB 160411 195010



PB 160411 211113


6th of June

PB 160607 211522



PB 160607 212845



PB 160607 213724



PB 160607 215004