Autumn in the Ardennes

During the last weekend of October, I went with fellow photographers to the Belgium Ardennes. We christened ourselves ‘The Schoorl group’ as we first met during a trip to Schoorl, along the Dutch coast. Great people that inspire me in different ways. I feel very fortunate to be part of this group.

Every year we plan to go for a weekend to focus on our passion. This year we went to the Belgium Ardennes in the neighbourhood of Malmedy. We rented a little house in the town of Waimes. The house was great, the furniture was somewhat dated, so we fitted in perfectly.

We were blessed with the weather. Fortunately the rain only fell while we were sleeping. We had two main destinations: Vallée De La Hoëgne and Cascade du Bayehon.

Beautiful destinations with lot of photo opportunities to catch the autumn colours.

Thanks Petra, Arjan, Jan, Ed and Niels for a great weekend.  Sorry Frederik and Stephan that you couldn’t make it this time.

Hope you like the results.

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PB 171028 091817


PB 171027 120800

PB 171029 105315

PB 171027 140648

PB 171027 131651

PB 171028 085809

PB 171029 120654

PB 171028 102333

PB 171029 103325

PB 171028 091229

PB 171028 104521

PB 171027 142531

PB 171029 115723

PB 171029 121714


PB 171028 092151