Streets of Barcelona

Jacqui had to go to Barcelona for work  so I took the opportunity and went with her. I explored this beautiful city and it was a great opportunity to test my new Nikon D750. It was not all hard work and long hours for Jacqui, we had also some time together exploring the city and enjoying some tapas and wine.

Unlike my other travels, I limited my equipment to focus completely on the new camera. All pictures were taken with the Nikon D750 with a Tamron 24-70 lens., no filters, no tripod. Camera and lens turned out to be a great combination. Amazing how you can stretch the ISO without noticing any noise. This became very noticeable in the evening and in dark churches.

The weather wasn’t great, actually it was raining most of the time. There was even a weather warning along the coast. Luckily this wasn’t a problem for me and the camera, in fact it was an advantage. No busy streets filled with tourists and the wet streets created a beautiful reflection. So every disadvantage has an advantage, as a great player and manager of Barcelona football club once said.

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This are some pictures of the old gothic quarter:

PB 170120 183135



PB 170120 181235



PB 170120 181716



PB 170120 182042



PB 170120 183323



PB 170120 183401



PB 170120 184915



PB 170120 185706



PB 170120 185848



PB 170120 190454



PB 170120 192409


The next day a had a long walk (20km) through the city. An opportunity to view the beautiful streets, houses and street life.

PB 170121 110151



PB 170121 145223



PB 170121 140135



PB 170121 145450



PB 170121 162716



PB 170121 165308



PB 170121 170213



Selfies are taken everywhere.

PB 170121 170557



The Olympic stadium where the 1992 Olympic Games were held

PB 170122 110742



The Olympic communication tower

PB 170122 112548



Cable car in the harbour.

PB 170122 125343



Glass ceiling of the shopping mal in the harbour.

PB 170122 125719



PB 170123 131656



PB 170123 143312



PB 170123 144817



The colourful indoor market

PB 170123 154210



PB 170123 154520



PB 170123 154749



PB 170123 155647



Great place to eat El Nacional

PB 170123 165211



Beautiful restroom in El Nacional

PB 170123 165256



Making a selfie

PB 170123 165307



PB 170123 165407



PB 170123 165510



PB 170123 165527


Thanks for watching.

This series will be succeeded with a series of some of the stunning churches and a serie of the Catalonian art museum in the National Palace.


Br. Peter