Deventer by night

Together with fellow photographers Frederik de Veer and Gerrit de Groot, I went recently to the Dutch town of Deventer. This town has a very rich trading history because of it’s location at the east bank of the river IJssel.

We started our photoshoot on the other side of the river and after it became dark we went with a small ferry into the historic city centre. There was some little rain and  that resulted in some nice reflections on the streets. We were so busy that obviously we missed the ferry back and we had to make a detour over the bridge to get back to our cars.

Hope you enjoy my series of Deventer by night.

PB 150429 193406



PB 150429 212303



PB 150429 210229



PB 150429 202539-2



PB 150429 211051



PB 150429 211448



PB 150429 211244



PB 150429 204358



PB 150429 212139



PB 150429 220608