Churches of Barcelona

The last series of Barcelona has some fine churches of the city. I’m always attracted by churches, big or small. Faith can result in remarkable things. I always try to find a different point of view in churches to emphasise the beauty of it.

Like the main cathedral of Barcelona in the gothic city centre.

The detail of the main entrance is unbelievable.

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PB 170120 164432

It is a pseudo basilica, vaulted over five aisles, the outer two divided into chapels. The east end has nine radiating chapels.

PB 170120 175153


PB 170120 174445


PB 170120 175721


While walking in Barcelona, I stumbled into this church, the Parròquia de la Purissima Concepcio. While looking around there I witnessed the start of a wedding ceremony. A stunning environment for a wedding.

PB 170121 124318


PB 170121 124528 copy


A visit to the Sagrada Familia is compulsory. It will be finished in 2027 (latest predictions). It is already a impressive building with a lot of symbolism. The church has a ‘gloria’-side about the arrival of Jesus, the other side is the ‘passion’ side about the crucifixion.

PB 170121 103315


PB 170121 104812


PB 170123 095254


PB 170123 104811


The color of the glass symbolises the morning and the evening.

The morning …

PB 170123 105123


and the evening

PB 170123 094431


PB 170123 105326


We went also up the tower with the elevator where a spiral stairway brings you down.

PB 170123 103548


The door of the Passion-side

PB 170123 112236


Personally I liked the Basilica of Santa Maria del Mar the most. A stunning and impressive old church with high columns and arches.

PB 170123 150153


PB 170123 151052


PB 170123 150729


PB 170123 151151


PB 170123 151333


Thanks you for watching and your interest in my photography.