Family photo shoot

My daughter Laura asked me to make some pictures for her blog ‘Het meisje met worteltjeshaar ’ (The girl with carrot hair). A splendid way to try my new (second hand) set of studio lights. Later, her brother Marijn joined in.

What a great way of spending a rainy Saturday afternoon.

PB 150620 142852


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CCC Studio Event

During the CCC Studio Event at Studio34 in Almere, I was invited, with almost 30 other  inspiring photographers, to explore a complete different and for me unknown discipline of photography: studio photography.

It was a great and inspiring day and thanks to everyone who was willing to share their knowledge.

Make up: Ashley Wolthers / Petra Klein
Jewellery: Vincent Burger

Tjitske Gratama

Model: Tjitske Gratama


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Suriname part 4

The last part of the series of my visit to Surinam.

Hope you enjoy it and thanks very much for checking my blog.

Check also my gallery.




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Nadine and Noah

As a surprise for her husband, a friend asked me to make some picture of their kids. On a sunny day we went to the playground and while the kids were playing I made some pictures. Now four of these pictures are hanging on the wall, each 50×50.

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PB 2013-07-18 at 11-25-47

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