Under a million suns

Under a million suns

There are only a view places in the Netherlands where it gets really dark. In the west there is a lot of light pollution because of the big cities and the green houses. You had to go north, to the islands, or east near the German border. In Ireland there is in general much less light pollution and that gives me the opportunity to do some astro photography. I was always amazed by the universe we live in, hard to imagine the concept of it. Black holes, supernovas, red dwarfs, pulsars, galaxies and all thousands and thousands of lightyears away.

Please find my first results in this series. All pictures where taken with a Nikon D750 with an Irix 15mm, exposure 15-20secs, ISO 3200/6400, f/2.4.

For each picture, a series of minimal 5 pictures where taken. These pictures where blended in Starry Landscape Stacker to reduce noise and than processed in Lightroom and Photoshop.

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